Leading German Gambling Machine Manufacturers Asks For Regulation of Online Casinos

The market for online casinos is fairly unexploited when it comes to Germany, so along with a growing gambling community comes questions of regulations. This is something that the leading gaming machine manufacturer and operator associations of Germany have been pointing out lately. They are calling for support of the third amended State Treaty of German Gambling in regulating online casino slots and taking it in a more liberal direction. The Bundesverband Automatenunternehmer, Automatenverband Niedersachen eV and Fachverband Spielhallen all take a positive stand on this development.

As stated by these machine manufacturers, this is a good start, but only a start nonetheless, as this new treaty only will be effective until the 30th of June 2021 and this is only for sport betting licenses.

The main purpose for this treaty is to get rid of unlicensed and illegal establishments and sites. But it’s not only an issue of legality, as sites that are not fulfilling the legal requirements often are situated abroad, which means that no taxes will be paid for players in Germany.

It Affects Everyone

It’s not only the associations that agree that this is a step in the right direction. Up until now, online gamblers have had to rely on their guts to figure out which of the sites that offers a reliable platform for playing. The Death And Taxes Magazine spoke to Svenja Kaufeldt, a professional, German online gambler who made her made her fortune on online casinos. But at times, it hasn’t been easy making out which ones that aren’t out to scam people. When asked about the new treaty, he’s of a positive posture:

“I really think this is a step in the right direction. Many of my friends got scammed by unserious online casinos and lost almost all of their money.”

She points out that there are several serious online casinos that do offer a real, legal and reliable online casino startbonus for example, but you should be cautious, then she continues:

“I was close a couple of times, but by pure luck, I chose different online platforms for my gambling.”

The AVN chairman, Heinz Basse, is on the same page:

“The State Treaty on Gaming points in the right direction. But lawmakers must be careful not to repeat old mistakes. Efficient regulation must be based on the quality of the companies as high-quality companies ensure effective player and youth protection.”

A Polarized Question

But not everyone is happy about this development. The European commission stated in august their criticism towards the new treaty, their argument being that operators would find it very difficult to actually acquire these licenses.

Another negative argument is that due to the short nature of the Treaty, it will be hard to enforce it, this says Dr Wulf Hambach from German law firm Hambach & Hambach.

Final word comes from Tomas Breitkopft, the chairman and president of Bundesverband Automatenunternehmer:

“Only a reasonable legal framework can ensure efficiency and consumer protection.”

Only time will tell how this new development will affect the online gambling in Germany in the near future. Read more on the story.

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