Assessing the legality of online casino in New Zealand

Online casino in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand is legal. It has been a part of their community for years now, and has undergone a lot of changes since its legalization centuries ago. We also see an influx of new online casinos coming into the market, such as Gate 777. The concept of gambling remains unchanged, but the form at is what has undergone evolution. New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs regulates all the gambling activities in the country. In 1961, the department formed a board called the Totalizator Agency Board. The board was responsible for the legalization of betting on horse racing on and off the course. All operations of the gambling industry are run by institutions owned by the state, with a portion of its profits returned back to the community. Of course, online gambling is a lot more complicated to run than conventional gambling, but the Kiwis seem to have the hang of it.

Gambling Act 2003 new zealand

A passage of time

Gambling was introduced in New Zealand by European settlers who came into the country during the colonial period. Before 1900, it was considered as illegal. In 1908, a Gambling Act was legislated, which made gambling legal only at racings. The practice however thrived over time as people began gambling illegally. In 1933, the Art Unions were established. These were the first national lotteries to be established in New Zealand. It was until later in the 90s when the country’s first casino was opened up.

Currently, gambling in the country is governed by the Gambling Act of 2003. The act clearly states the different classes of legal betting. Anything concerning gambling that falls outside its parameters is deemed illegal. The legislation encourages people to gamble via platforms such as online casinos that are easily accessed through phones and computers. Still, land –based slot machines, locally known as pokies were introduced way back in 1991, and are still common up to date. In fact, the total number of pokies has risen over the years to a total of 19,000 across the country.

Has Gambling in New Zealand Become Popular Over The Years?

Since its introduction into the country, gambling has been gaining popularity each year. Today, it is one of the people’s favorite ways of passing time. Sports betting, gaming machines and casino gambling are just but a few examples of gambling activities in New Zealand. According to sources, the total expenditure on gambling in 2015 was NZD 2.091 billion, a 1.2% increase of from the previous year. This has been the case every year, with more and more people venturing into betting. The most popular betting markets are the rugby union, cricket, football and netball. Cricket events occur during the summer and rugby in the winter. The two games sit at the top of the betting hierarchy in New Zealand.

Online casinos have basically taken over the betting industry in the country. This is due to the fact that the use of internet has increased significantly over the years. Today, there is a good number of New Zealand casinos that are known to offer generous welcome bonuses. provides in depth online casino reviews for all the online casinos accepting New Zealand players.

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