Benefits Of Royal Jelly And Bee Pollen

A lot of people only associate bees with honey, but there is much more that comes from their activities at the hive. Bee pollen and royal jelly are nutrition for the bee and are just as healthy for human beings. In recent years, these natural super foods have gained prominence thanks to their health benefits and the fact that they cannot be synthesized in a laboratory. From body builders to natural food enthusiasts, these two bee products have become the new craze. Victoria Beckham even tweeted about her new found love for bee pollen proclaiming it as her new super-food and Slowfoodnation writes it’s one of the best superfood they come across. The process that goes into making these two… Read More

Pine Pollen A Natural Hormone Boosting Remedy

There are plenty of testosterone boosters out there that are synthetic. When you get one that is natural then it makes things even better. Pine pollen has a potent supply of actual male hormones. We don’t know of many plants that have androgens in them therefore having one that works so well should be a reason to smile. Everybody wants to sleep better and have an energy filled day. The typical day at work can wear a lot of us out even before it’s mid-day. As you are about to learn pine pollen can help you combat the fatigue. It’s also the same story with body builders. They too need a supplement that can help them develop and see tangible… Read More

Intercontinental architecture; a villa design that combines the best of Sweden and Japan

When Ola Torrang first went to Japan he had his mind set on greater things. Little did he know just how great a thing he would come up with. After finishing his masters degree Ola set out to work for an architectural firm in Japan and soon found that the designs over there fascinated him. As a result of obsessively thinking about the ingenious designs he saw, he came up with his own. The ‘fairy tale’ house was preceded with a similar design that was meant for his parents back in 1979. 14 years later and Ola came back with a design of his own that he also put into use as the Fairy Tale house The functionality of his… Read More

10 Things That Should Make You Proud To Be An American

The Fourth of July is upon us. The day we beat the Brits and became our own self-governed people. Those were the good days: Paul Revere, cutting down cherry trees, throwing tea into the ocean, giving small pox to innocent natives. Man, being an American was as great then as it is now. In honor of the upcoming holiday and hopefully to boost your nationalism I’ve created a short list that points out just how fucking great America is. FREEDOM!   1. Fat people. They take up extra space on the subway when they should be eating at Subway, but they’re great. Sometimes they’re hilarious, at other times they’re flat-out worrisome. But there are few things more American than a… Read More

Google & NSA vs. Chinese Hackers

Chinese hackers ripped into Google’s systems big time last month, and the Internet search giant is now looking to the NSA for help. Breaches in cybersecurity allowed the hackers to steal Google source code, as well as information contained in the Gmail accounts of prominent, Chinese Human Rights activists. The following investigation revealed that over 30 technology, defense, energy, and financial coporations were targeted in the attack, which siphoned off intellectual property to an outside server. The security systems were breached by a Trojan virus that exploited a vulnerability in Adobe Reader. Innocuous-looking PDF attachments were sent in emails to key leaders in various companies, which installed the malicious software when opened. Adobe patched the software on January 12th, and… Read More