United Kingdom’s plan to tax Online Casinos for Free Spins

united kingdom to tax online casino

Going by media reports from last week, free plays and related discounts from online gambling operators are going to be subject to a new tax that takes effect from 1st August, 2017. The tax has been discussed widely, with different stakeholders in the industry voicing their opinions about its implications. The new taxation regime was removed from the Finance Bill 2017 previously, but now it seems like it is back and will be implemented after all. In the Finance Bill 2017, free plays would be dealt with differently according to recommendations published by HM Revenue and Customs. The…

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Brazilian businessman wins $3.5 million on high stakes roulette

Pedro Grendene Bartelle wins $3,5m

Usually, we have to wait until somewhere close to the end of the year to gather a little dirt about the luckiest man of said year, but it seems like roulette gave us the undisputed 2017 champion back in January. In a series of video clips that went viral, a Brazilian casino punter walked away with a cool $3.5 million from a single roulette spin in which he had sunk more than $100,000.   Playing some super high stakes Roulette Businessman Pedro Grendene Bartelle was just having a good time with his friends, in…

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