Pramiracetam For Increased Brain Function

Don’t we all just wish we were so brilliant that it didn’t take too much brain work to excel in our work or studies? Of course there are individuals who possess this ability just by virtue of the genes they inherited. These are the people whose comprehension is really fast and have a memory that seems to be compartmentalized better than the rest of us. Research into smart drugs reveals that there is still hope for people who need to boost their cognitive abilities. Pramiracetam was developed in 1970 as a nootropic supplement. It has been under constant scrutiny since it was administered to a patient for the first time in 1978. For those who happen to be unfamiliar with… Read More

10 Things That Should Make You Proud To Be An American

The Fourth of July is upon us. The day we beat the Brits and became our own self-governed people. Those were the good days: Paul Revere, cutting down cherry trees, throwing tea into the ocean, giving small pox to innocent natives. Man, being an American was as great then as it is now. In honor of the upcoming holiday and hopefully to boost your nationalism I’ve created a short list that points out just how fucking great America is. FREEDOM!   1. Fat people. They take up extra space on the subway when they should be eating at Subway, but they’re great. Sometimes they’re hilarious, at other times they’re flat-out worrisome. But there are few things more American than a… Read More