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Guest Blogger: Stuff Hipsters Hate

Guest Blogger :: Friday, November 6th, 2009 1:00 pm

Welcome to the first day of guest blogging, courtesy of the vitriolic Stuff Hipsters Hate. SHH will be dropping in every once in a while-roughly every two weeks to once a month-to define the elusive hipster by explicating what they hate. Check out why hipsters hate when you sing at shows after the jump.

When You Sing At Shows

Um, excuse me sir, why are you currently shouting directly into my ear? Wait…are you…singing? At a No Age concert? Oh. Are you, perhaps, a guest performer, hand-picked by Randy and Dean to provide vocals for this particular track? No? OK, then, are you attempting to challenge the boys to some kind of indie-rock version of a rap battle? Oh, I see, that is, in fact, a false conjecture. Perhaps you’re afraid that they’re going to forget the words to their own songs, and you’re attempting to preempt that potential catastrophe by wailing the lyrics from the sidelines, like a script prompter backstage at a Broadway show. Well, that can’t be right, because no one can ever tell what the fuck those dudes are saying, anyway. OK, so the only possible conclusion I can come to at this juncture is that you have been sent to earth directly from the seventh ring of hell to torture me. So, in that case, I entreat you, shut the fuck up.

Want to learn another No Age tune to sing at shows and thereby annoy the hell out of SHH? Check out “In Peril” here.

One Response to “Guest Blogger: Stuff Hipsters Hate”
  1. That’s some good hate.

    Posted by: Xanthippas November 6th, 2009 at 1:56 pm