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9 Worse Calls Than Jim Joyce’s Flub

Carmel Lobello :: Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 5:49 pm

I think we can all agree that today is a great day to not be MLB umpire, Jim Joyce. After ruining Armando Galarra’s perfect game last night by erroneously calling a grounder to first base safe, Joyce has spent the day under vicious, unrelenting fire from fans, the press, and even U.S. Senators. After watching the tapes himself, he emotionally admitted that he had messed with baseball history and made one of the worst calls of his career. In an effort to ease some of the pressure on Joyce, we made a list of what we believe are nine far worse calls that have been made in the last century:

The Vietnam War: The U.S’ military involvement in Vietnam has been said to be one of the worst mistakes in U.S history. An estimated one and a half million civilian lives were lost in South Vietnam, and the U.S’ military technology failed miserably against the guerrilla warfare tactics of the Viet Cong rebels and the North Vietnamese Army. It also pissed off a lot of hippies.

Monica Lewinsky: Of all the interns, hookers, and random floozies, that Bill Clinton could have solicited for a blow job, the selection of Monica Lewinsky was undeniably a terrible call.

Wearing Unsnappable Boxers for the “Immunity Run” on 2008’s Survivor: After carefully reviewing the tapes, it’s very clear to the naked eye that the choice to wear open-fly boxers for an athletic feat on prime time network television was the wrong call for Marcus Lehman. (Click here to watch)

Turning Down the Beatles: Mike Smith and Dick Rowe of Decca Records heard a recording of The Beatles in 1964 and decided not to sign them. Rowe told thier manager, Brian Epstein, that The Beatles sounded way too much like another popular band at the time called The Shadows. “Not to mince words Mr. Epstien,” he said on the phone call, “but we don’t like your boys sound. Groups are far out; four piece groups with guitars in particular are finished.” I don’t know about Joyce, but this makes me feel better about every decision I’ve ever made.

Investing in Bernie Madoff: This isn’t to say that his investors weren’t victims of some pretty diabolical trickery, but if we’re just talking about bad calls here, the thousands of people and organizations from Stephen Spielberg to NYU, who forked their fortunes over to Madoff had about a gazillion other options for where to invest. And they chose the worst out of a gazzilion. Bad calls all around.

Lifting of the Ban on Offshore Drilling: In April, Obama reversed anti-drilling legislation, saying it was crucial to U.S. energy security. Literally one month later, B.P.’s newly allowed offshore drilling rig blew up, claiming 11 lives and causing the worst oil spill in history. Whoops.

Trading Babe Ruth to the Yankes: Unless Joyce’s decision results in an 86-year curse for the Tigers, the decision to trade the Great Bambino to the Yankees, definitely qualifies as a more significant sports blunder than what happened last night.

Prescribing Demerol to Michael Jackson: Treating the King of Pop’s insomnia with a drug that is most commonly used during surgeries to enhance the effects of anesthesia was such a bad call by Dr. Conrad Murray that he was charged with Involuntary Manslaughter in February.

Not Erasing Incriminating Text Messages: This one goes out to cheaters everywhere, but more specifically to Tiger Woods for being the worst offender: If you’re sexting about golden showers and you’re one of the most famous people in the world, not destroying the evidence is just sheer idiocy.