Fat Cop, Bad Cop!: Obese Mexican Officers Put On Diet Plan

Gray Hurlburt :: Friday, May 28th, 2010 1:15 pm

Everyone knows that police officers come in two varieties. First, there’s the butch, action-figure type that are packaged with a taser, tribal arm tattoo and, for the sporting edition, a flash Smith and Wesson mountain bike. And then we have the iconic, Boss Hog sort, with donut-filling stains on their uniforms, pudgy girth drooping over their action belts and not a lof of the useful can do for running down the bad guys.

However, this later version has been pushed to the rear of public interest in the current days of tightened homeland security, with citizens now preferring  the He Man persona over the cute and comical fatty. For good reason, too: danger seems waiting to pounce around every other corner. Such is certainly the case in Mexico, where drug cartels have waged a violent war against everyone standing in their way. Just like in America, apparently, Mexico has an obesity problem. Look at the food they eat: beans, tacos, beef, sugary drinks. To help get their fatty five-o’s into shape, Mexico has restricted the calorie intake of it’s overweight officers in department cafeterias from 4000 to 2500, which, to me, is still a ton of shit to put into your body.

These restrictions have taken effect in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, with belly inspections completed in Tijuana and Monterrey. Health officials found that, of the 70,000 officers in the Mexican force, more than three-quarters of them are considered to be overweight. That means that if you’re up to some naughtiness below the border, chances are you can easily jog your way out of handcuffs. Ah, to be a kid again…