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Hooray For Earth: MOMO Review

Johnny Sanford :: Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 12:00 pm

Hooray For Earth’s new MOMO EP is a taste of what’s to come in the current music landscape, and it’s out today. Broadly inspired by the classic 80’s new wave movement, the album is poppy and relevant. The album is considerably layered, and the band put the two strongest tracks at the beginning. “Surrounded by Your Friends” and “Comfortable, Comparable,” are both inspiring tracks that will be a great addition to your roof-top afterparty mix this summer.

Surrounded by Your Friends,” in keeping with a current trend of party-centric lyrics like that of Freelance Whales’ “Hannah” and pretty much everything LCD Soundsystem has come out with, tells the tale of simple, beautiful moments when you’re surrounded by your friends at a party. The simplicity of the lyrics and ethereal, angelic-like quality of the synth is worthy of putting the track on repeat. “I’m walking in, and greeted with a smile/ I keep my bottle to my chest/I know you, and them and she is fine/ I might offer her the rest/ Scan the crowd, every face in a quite familiar place/tomorrow’s free and so are drinks” until a hauntingly beautiful chorus…”In the end, you’re surrounded by your friends.” The second song on the album maintains the party-like atmosphere but with less decipherable lyrics. “Comfortable, Comparable” is the second great offering from MOMO, but soon after, the catchy choruses on the album end up losing speed around the third track and the band goes into uncharted territory, losing me as a listener and bringing me back for the album’s track “Form,” a rousing, house-burning, foot-stomping track that closes out the second half of the album. Check out this band before they hit the big time. They open for The FutureHeads tonight at The Music Hall of Williamsburg for their cd release party.

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