Is The Sarah Palin Network A Reality?

Danielle Johnsen :: Monday, April 12th, 2010 2:44 pm

Tina Fey brought it once again while hosting “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend. And as expected, she revisited her nearly perfect impression of former Governor Sarah Palin with one of the funnier sketches of the season, ‘The Sarah Palin Network’. From poking fun at the Tea Party folks to the idea of ‘Gotcha Journalism’, this was a five minute full-on attack of our one-time Vice Presidential candidate and her media saturation. While it was humorous, it also didn’t seem like too foreign of a concept. America’s, as well as the media’s, obsession with the “average” hockey mom has led to Palin getting speaker fees of up to $150K at rallies and two recent and lucrative TV gigs, one as a contributor on FoxNews and the other a development deal with TLC. I’m all for Palin becoming a TV star, mainly because it will open her eyes to possibilities that come with being of those dang “elites”, but more importantly when someone starts to rake in that kind of dough and gain that type of power, politics is no longer the best they can get (See: Oprah). I mean, who has more hold on America, Oprah or Obama? Now, I might be reaching here, but if there was enough ad money to go around, I think ‘The Sarah Palin Network’ could begin programming next week. I mean who wouldn’t want to see “Fat Cat$” or “Todd!” on a weekly basis? I know I’d at least DVR it.