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Brenna Ehrlich :: Friday, November 13th, 2009 1:35 pm

Wedding rings, butter, mayo and the end of the world (all related things)-after the jump.

Everyone in NYC is afraid of commitment, but I would totally get married if someone offered me a pistol ring: 20 Geek Inspired Engagement Rings
(via The Daily What)

Talk about buttering someone up: John Lydon thankful for Country Life commercials

Daniel Pinchbeck, Douglas Rushkoff, Howard Bloom and Mitchell Joachim talk about the end of the world-or just bad shit: Grave New World

Is this for real?! ‘Cause if so, it’s more terrifying than funny…: Colbert Vs. Miracle Whip

I always thought Woody Allen had the potential to go postal: Neither Rain Nor Sleet: Woody Allen’s Cousin Will Sort Your Mail