This is Gonna be Big

Chelsea Fisher :: Monday, June 28th, 2010 2:45 pm

“Huge,” A new show on ABC family features biggens Nikki Blonsky of “Hairspray,” and Hayley Hasselhoff, David Hasselhoff’s plus-size daughter.

The show was developed by none other than Winnie Holzman, who created “My So Called Life” the short-lived nineties drama about how hard it is to be thin, alternative, and down right good looking. “Huge” is about pretty much the exact opposite: Being overweight and well, plainly, not Jared Leto or Claire Danes.

The show is set amongst teenagers at weight-loss camp, where the kids are forced to do things like eat spinach and sweat. Hasselhoff’s daughter plays Amber, the not-so-fat fat girl, who is criticized for being at camp out of vanity, but is still the queen bee.

Nikki Blonsky, plays Willamina (like the modeling agency — OMG how ironic?) the “so what if I’m fat? I’m still fucking awesome!” role in the show. Apparently she illegally deals candy. No, not that kind of candy, sillly. She deals actual gummy bears to maintain those tootsie rolls.

The show is part of Alloy Entertainment which has given us teen hits such as “Gossip Girl” and “Vampire Diaries.” Personally, I think Nikki Blonsky is for sure an upgrade over Blake Lively. In fact, I have high hopes for this show. All teen dramas should in the words of LCD Soundsystem “make you want to feel like a teenager, until you remember the feelings of a real live emotional teenager, then you’ll think again…”

Things will get real tonight on ABC Family.