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Trailer: “Machete” Brings the Camp and the D-List

Danielle Johnsen :: Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 2:13 pm

When it was announced that Robert Rodriquez was going to turn his faux trailer “Machete” for “Grindhouse” into a full length flick, I nearly lost my mind. If there is something Rodriquez excels at its his commitment to bringing back the tacky and graphic B-films of the 1970’s, filled to the high heavens with D-List stars. And since I have a soft spot in my heart for craptacular films heavy on the action and a virtual whose-who of nobodies, I was incredibly pleased with the cheesy gruesomeness delivered with the “illegal” Red Band trailer Rodriquez and Danny Trejo, Machete himself, released today to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.
Rodriquez talked Fox into allowing him to release the “illegal” trailer as a special F U to Arizona for its recently passed anti-immigration law and to boost anticipation for the so-called ‘Mexiplotation’ film hitting theaters on September 3rd. With a cast like Robert DeNiro, Michelle Rodriquez, Jessica Alba, Jeff Fahey, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal and Trejo, there is NO WAY this movie can’t be at least a fun way to spend a Saturday night. Alba playing dueling twins, Lohan dressed as a gun totting nun, Trejo avenging all and Fahey batting his once again relevant blue eyes makes a magical film experience, well at least for me. Guess we can hold the snarky judgment until the film is released this Labor Day. In the meantime, check out the special trailer below.

Via Aint It Cool News