Twilight: Eclipse To Feature Peter Murphy Of Bauhaus

Amy Dupcak :: Friday, June 25th, 2010 2:15 pm

Peter Murphy, known across the lands as ‘the godfather of goth,’ is one of the last truly vampiric musical beings secretly sucking blood behind stage (or so I hope). He performed Bauhaus’s most popular song, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” at the start of The Hunger, during a scene in which vampires David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve are preparing to feast. But now, Murphy, who hung from his ankles like a bat during a Nine Inch Nails show last summer, and who, at 52, still performs with all the theatrical bravado of his former days, is undertaking a new career move. Take a deep breath now: he’s making a cameo in Eclipse.

While it might be considered cool for Murphy (pictured here in his makeup) to appear in the new generation’s vampire enterprise, what does it say for Murphy himself? Compared to his “role” in the opening scene of The Hunger in 1983, at the height of his fame, Twilight is like starring in a Gerber’s commercial. Here we have a tween/teen-geared film about a ridiculous love triangle between a boring mortal, a glittering vampire, and a tortured werewolf; are they hoping that Peter Murphy’s presence gives the film a broader (read: aging) audience? Are they reaching out to the non-Hot-Topic-wearing goths? I’m sure that the cameo will go over more heads than not, seeing as how the viewers would rather fight Team Edward vs Team Jacob vs Team Jasper or whatever. So does Murphy’s cameo give the film more credos, or does it simply prove that Murphy’s lost it?

According to Melissa Rosenberg, “[Peter] is involved in telling the story of how the wolves came to be…He is one of the provocateurs of the wolves way back when and he sort of starts the whole thing rolling.” Really? But don’t they know that Murphy is a vampire!?