Ben Folds and “Merton,” Or Chatroulette Continues to Take Over The World

Amy Laviero :: Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 12:30 pm

Merton, the green-hooded, bespeckled piano player who posted his Chatroulette improvisations on YouTube only a few weeks ago, gained more than 4 million views in one week. The mysterious man whom many have compared to Ben Folds, recently sat down for an interview with Mashable, discussing the viral video.

Merton’s original video, which was removed by YouTube for violations of its Terms of Service agreement, quickly became the top-rated video of all time; quite the feat for a dude who claims he is “not really comfortable” performing in front of a live audience and is still suspicious about the amount of positive feedback he’s received. “I feel like someone’s filtering out my negative comments,” he confesses, “but I know that’s not true.”

Ben Folds even paid homage to Merton during a live performance at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina last Saturday, wearing a green hoodie and Chatrouletting it up with his audience of two thousand. Click through to watch both Folds and Merton’s videos and see if you can’t differentiate between the two.