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iPhone 4G Meets Tired Warning

Carmel Lobello :: Monday, June 7th, 2010 10:02 am

It’s Monday June 7th, and everyone is waiting excitedly for Steve Jobs to unveil the new iPhone this morning—the one with the front facing camera, higher res screen, bigger battery and flash that Gizmodo heroically spoiled for us back in April.

If your excitement is getting the better of you, is running a great distractionary article on the front page about the negative side effects of technology, particularly smart phones and tablets. I scanned the entire article on my iPhone, and I thought it was great, even though its main thrust was to outline all of the risks of our quickening immersion into personal computing technology- something that a lot of us already (very) casually lament. Since most of your attention spans are probably too short to read the whole piece, here’s the hyper-abbreviated version:

1) Multitasking is actually proven to be bad for productivity; 2) Tech alerts can cause drug-like effects on the brain by causing a “dopamine-squirt” that the user comes to rely on. 3) Texting while driving results in fatal accidents; and 4) The sheer quantity of technological distractions shorten our attention spans and keep us away from our families.

So anyway, Jobs’ keynote address will start at 10am PT (hang tight!). Apple does not allow live video of the event, but you can follow the minute-by-minute action on twitter (@cnntech), the most potently delightful of all technological distractions.