M.I.A.’s New Album Now Streaming On MySpace

Amy Rose Spiegel :: Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 11:05 am

If you’re one of the folks who didn’t turn on M.I.A after her now-infamous New York Times interview, you can listen to her new album, /\/\/\Y/\, in its entirety on her MySpace. Be careful, though - the page itself is loaded with enough throbbing animation and wiggly graphics to make an epileptic do the watusi.

Given that every M.I.A. album has at least one song that you’ll keep on repeat all season, which track is your pick for breakout summer smash? My vote is “Teqkilla,” but that’s mostly because I’m easily convinced of anything having to do with margaritas when it’s hot outside. Thoughts?

The album’s official release date is July 13 by way of N.E.E.T/Interscope.