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Save Me Batman, The Westboro Baptist Church Is Coming!

Nick Nicoludis :: Thursday, July 15th, 2010 6:10 pm

Is it really a surprise that the infamous haters from the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) are protesting something again? They’ve made headlines for their outlandish signs that tell pretty much everyone except themselves to go suck it.

The next target for the WBC is the annual geek-gathering Comic-Con, and they feel it’s time that comic book lovers around the world feel the wrath of their abhorrent signs.

Why, though are the Topeka based hate-mongers from the WBC protesting this years Comic-Con? Because they believe that all comic book lovers have made super heroes into idols, which violates the second of the ten commandments. In the past, the group led by Fred Phelps have protested funerals of fallen soldiers, the death of Meet the Press host Tim Russert, space shuttle explosions and any number of homosexual related issues. But this seems a little crazy, even for them.

The main problem with protesters such as the WBC is that they love it when people get angry at them. They’re like mogwais, expect contrasting viewpoints make them evil instead of water. They love it when people get in their face and tell them to go screw themselves. I experienced their objectionable tactics when the WBC came to my hometown of Durham, New Hampshire to protest the installment of Rev. Gene Robinson as the first openly homosexual bishop in the nation.

If I were the WBC I’d watch out for the crowd at Comic-Con. Who knows how many people will be wielding plastic light sabers, stun guns, and giant foam axes. I mean, these people love to see bad guys get crushed, and who is worse than a bunch of people that piss everyone off just cause they can.