Unfortunate Name Department: Justin Bieber

Chelsea Fisher :: Friday, June 18th, 2010 12:30 pm

Unfortunately for one Philadelphia lawyer, his name is Justin Bieber.

32-year-old Bieber claims that sharing a name with a 16-year-old singing and hair sensation, is making it a little difficult to advertise his legal services. By last summer, in hopes of expanding his client base, lawyer Bieber built his own website. Soon after, he started receiving e-mails and friend requests on Facebook from tween girls claiming how much they loved him and his singing. One girl even wrote “You’re not Justin Beiber!”

At twice the pop-star’s age, (with half the amount of hair) Bieber Esq. found this a little strange.

Just as elder Bieber became well known in his field, the young singer became a full-on pop sensation, with a stronghold on the name. Bieber Esq. said he doesn’t mind if people respond to his ads because of the name, but it’s not the greatest way to build a reputation and legal practice.

The advertising company who is handling his campaigns even told him he should think about ditching the name. The lawyer plans on sticking with Justin Bieber, even though people think he’s joking when making reservations at restaurants. The one good part about sharing a name with the teeny bopper is that people finally know how to pronounce it!

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