Dirty Projectors, Björk Collaborate On New Mini-Album, Mount Wittenberg Orca

Amy Rose Spiegel :: Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 5:10 pm

dirtyprojectors-fallon1Much-lauded harmonizers The Dirty Projectors have teamed up with Bjork on a new seven-song release, Mount Wittenberg Orca. Beginning today, it’s only available online at with a donation to the National Geographic Society Oceans Project; the songs are inspired by whales. “All We Are,” the album’s seventh track, utilizes highly minimalist instrumentation as the barely-perceptible background for the performer’s distinct vocal styles. Although the songs may seem delicate, Dave Longstreth, the member of the Dirty Projectors who wrote the album, has other ideas. In a letter on the album’s website, he implores listeners to eschew their “tinny computer speakers — put it on the stereo and blast that shiiiiiiiii!!” For those of you who like to blast echolocation-inspired jams at your keggers, this album is for you.