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Google Music: Because Aren’t We All Sick Of iTunes?

Travis Walter Donovan :: Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 7:30 pm

In a further step toward their eventual world domination, Google could be launching their own iTunes-slaughtering music service platform as early as this fall, CNET reports. In addition to multiple industry sources confirming the rumor, Google not only previewed a web-based music browser at their I/O conference last month, but a “Google Music” logo has been discovered hosted on their domain.

Nobody seems too disturbed by Google’s global takeover, perhaps because we all feel much more comfortable in a world where they are running an open-source New World Order, instead of these creepy bankers and politicians. Soon enough, we’ll all be listening to Google Music on our Android Phones while sitting at a GoogleBucks coffee shop before hopping on our GoogleMobile to head home and watch GoogleTV. See you on the Googleside.