Music Video: Helado Negro "Playas"

SXB :: Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 3:27 pm

Peep the latest from Helado Negro below — it’s for the song “Playas” and comes courtesy of Stereogum. Helado’s debut Awe Owe is out now. Tour dates have also been posted as well. Click here for all the info. And we’ve translated Sufjan Stevens’s cryptic praise over the record, which he released last week. The translated note can be found after the jump! -IL

Helado Negro makes me want to dance groovy.
It is like communicating with space(universe) by waving flag.
His sounds infatuate me more than the taste of sweet and sour sauce.
If you listen to his music thoroughly, you too will probably find your own groove like communicating with space(universe).
Dance Groovy!